EquityStat is a software company that caters to small and medium size investment research firms, hedge fund managers, mutual fund managers, and investment advisers who may need advice managing their software information technology platforms.

We realize the BIG investment banks have large information technology budgets with lots of resources to manage their software needs, where as the smaller players could use some assistance. Our goal is to provide you with a complete stack of open source software so that all your computing dollars can be spent on the expertise needed to keep your operation competitive in today's complex technology world.

The feed back you provide to our organization in terms of better software design helps every one of our customers become more efficient in their own customized technology world by enhancing our Equity Trading System product.

EquityStat is a software system which analyzes the financial markets and creates reports that make it easy to understand comparisons between publicly traded corporations.

EquityStat is an open source Java software system that is freely available for download here.